Developing Deep Conceptual Understanding


When we teach for deep understanding students are more motivated,

engaged and encouraged to critically think, apply and transfer their learning to different contexts.

Professional Learning opportunities on Concept-Based learning for teachers to help our students have more light bulb moments and love learning!

Face to Face In-Person and Face to Face Online Professional Development to help teachers be the source of inspiration for their students! 

Dr. Jennifer Chang Wathall 

I was born to be a teacher. I knew I wanted to be a math teacher from an early age and always had a passion for teaching. I love being in the classroom and just spending time with my students with the goal of inspiring a love for learning. Nothing excites me more than seeing those light bulb moments during a lesson when students have a gleam in their eye because they get it. That gleam tells me my students understand on a deeper level than what a textbook or video can explain. I have been so lucky that all of my life I knew what my vocation would be.