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Dr. Arthur Lee,

University of Hong Kong

I’m glad to have attended Jennifer’s workshops of professional development. I can experience, like other participants, many useful pedagogical ideas, such as concept-based teaching and learning, visible thinking and growth mindset, through the highly interactive and inspiring activities. We are engaged in meaningful discussion, sharing and collaborative reflection throughout the process.
My colleagues and I are very pleased to have the continuing support of Jennifer, as a mentor, lecturer and faculty advisor, in supervising our student teachers and developing our MEd courses in IB mathematics teaching. Her passion and expertise are clearly evident in her contribution to many aspects of our work.  
We also enjoy very much constant discussion and exploration about teaching and learning, wondering what could be better integration of pedagogies in different cultures and contexts, showing that she is truly an inquirer and reflective practitioner

Lynn Erickson.jpeg

Dr. H. Lynn Erickson,

Author and Educator

Jennifer Wathall is a Lynn Erickson certified presenter/trainer on Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction. She successfully completed an intense week of training in Montana, USA, July 2014 which included  48 hours of class time.  She had also completed an additional 12 hours of pre-requisite training. To become certified and licensed to use the training materials, Jennifer had to complete a performance assessment--presenting on Concept-based to Lynn Erickson directly, and passing a written test on the knowledge and understandings from the training.
Besides a perfect score on the written test, Jennifer demonstrated exceptional presenter skills and abilities. Her ability to engage an audience, deliver the message clearly and fluently, and guide the learners to deep understanding demonstrated her star quality as a presenter. I recommend that any school wishing deep training on concept-based curriculum and instruction request JenniferWathall's services as a consultant. She is patient with learners, personable with audiences, and passionate for concept-based teaching and learning.

RH ISM.png

Rachel Harrington,

MS Principal, IS Manila

In the time I have worked with Jennifer I have found her to be an expert on Concept-Based Curriculum, Mathematics and the IB Diploma's ATLs.  She draws upon a strong research base not only in regards to the content material but also in regards to how adults learn most effectively.  Jennifer has a bright and engaging presentation style and is equally at ease facilitating large group sessions or smaller departmental sessions.  I have found her very willing to adapt and tailor her training sessions to meet the distinct needs of our faculty so that it specifically aligns with our needs. Jennifer is creative in her delivery and literally had the faculty eating out of her hands!  She embeds carefully designed processing tasks into her sessions so teachers have the opportunity to process, unpack, distil, challenge, and enhance their thinking.  Jennifer's sessions are highly interactive and she is attentive to monitoring where her audience is so that the sessions are paced appropriately. Her guidance and insights have been pivotal to the success of the training sessions and the collective advancement of our CBCI journey.

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Jennifer Wathall
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