Online Four Week Course Concept-Based Mathematics

April 1st-30th  


for Pre-k to 12!

Online Two Week course

Trigonometry Made Human

May 1st - 15th 2021

Oxford University Press Primary Maths for March! 

Free webinars on different maths topics! 

Designing for Learner Agency

IB Schools Australasia

May 17th 2021


Transforming our Pedagogy to Thrive in a Hybrid Learning World 

Teaching for Deep Conceptual Understanding; Designing for Inquiry in the Mathematics Classroom, July 8 

21st Century Learning

Keynote Speaker

Engaging the Minds, Hearts and Souls of Our Students When Learning Mathematics 


 18th -26th 2021

Motivation and Curiosity for Deep Conceptual Understanding!

co-presenting with Tania Lattanzio!  

December 4th

7-9 am

GMT +8


for Pre-k to 12

IB Virtual Conference 


Expert Speaker

November 30th -December 11th 2020

Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom 

November 9th

2020 Make Math Moments Virtual 


Online Two Week course Conceptual Understanding through Exploration



Pre-k to 12 

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