Motivation and Curiosity for Deep Conceptual Understanding!

co presenting with Tania Lattanzio!  

November 1st-30th 


for Pre-k to 12

Agency and Agility in Assessment 

Live Interactive Workshop

Thursday May 28th  

Americas time zone

Friday May 29th morning 


Online Four Week Course Concept-Based Mathematics

November 1st-30th  

2020 coming soon!

for Pre-k to 12!

Online Two Week course

Designing for Learner Agency

September 14th -27th 2020!

Concept Based Curriculum and Instruction

Pre-k-12 All Disciplines

February 20th, 27th 2021

With Chapters International

Online Three Week course

Trigonometry Made Human

19th September- 10th October 2020 

Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom 

November 9th

2020 Make Math Moments Virtual 


Edventures Virtual Summit 

November 4th

9:30 am 5:30 pm 

All about Ed Tech

IB Virtual Conference 


Expert Speaker

November 30th -December 11th 2020

Online Two Week course Conceptual Understanding through Exploration



Pre-k to 12 

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